Sunday, March 6, 2011

What you must know about ribbon!

I LOVE to share ideas and trick and have had this one for a while and have had this "blog post" in my head forever but I kept putting it off because I didn't have the right pictures etc. So I decided the heck with it, I will never get all the pics and so on just right so here we go. Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!
(I even had a friend tell me she was going to cry because this was going to save her so much time ..  true story)

There are very few of us who at some point do not use ribbon.

There are others, like me, who use ribbon ALL the time! (mine is a little boring, but still)

Those of you who don't know me from etsy or boutique don't know that I sell lots of fun stuff that I make. Mainly hair clips and accesories.

I  line ALL of the clips. Let me tell you I go thru TONS of clips ... and ... you guessed right ... RIBBON

my jar of pre-cut ribbon (for my clips)

Now if you have so  much extra time on your hands that you love to cut and then either fray check or use a candle or lighter to heat seal your ribbon then read no further I have no help for you. :)

For the rest of us .....

It is Soooo simple yet so DUH.
Ta Da! A wood burning tool.
Seriously that is it. (this is not the exact one I have) But $10 bucks at Walmart ... you don't need a fancy one.

All you do is get a piece of wood ... I use a paint stick .. but don't do that! ... lay your ribbon down and cut and seal the ribbon at the same time.  Like I said ... TA DA

If you don't follow me and my crazy instructions just ask and I will try and clarify. My friends can usually follow me but I do talk a lot with my hands. :)

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