Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like a kid on Christmas Morning!

I am super excited! Why you ask?  This little cutie is on it's way to ME! 

Don't get crazy on me, it is a  CowboyStudio 24in Photo Soft Box Light Tent.

Any of you know I am NOT a photographer and the proof is in my etsy shop.
 I am currently working with a few amazing photographers to fix that. (so excited to see!)  
I will however always need stock photos of my products and other things that I want to post. 
I also don't believe in blogging without a picture. :) 
This little cutie got rave reviews and at $29.67 with free super saver shipping who could resist. Not me.


  1. Hey! Saw your giveaway and wanted to join. Love the ties! New follower.

  2. I love the ties you make!! So cute! I am your newest follower from your giveaway!